NAB Qantas Rewards Signature card offers 100k bonus points if you manage to spend $4,000 on every day purchases in the first 60 days. The 100K bonus points is enough to redeem 2 business class upgrades for flight from Australia to Asia destinations such as Singapore and Hong Kong. It can be used to cover the return trip for one passenger. Sometimes, if seats are available, both passengers can be upgraded to business class.

With the 100k points, you can also get five free one-way tickets from Sydney to Auckland. From Australia, you can fly to places in Europe such as Lisbon, and Amsterdam using 55,000 points each time. You can also fly to USA from Brisbane using 45K points. Other cards that have similar features include Capital One and Chase Sapphire, both of which are popular for consumers comparing rewards and travel cards for 2019.

The card features a 6 months zero percent intro promo for balance transfers. For purchases, it waives the APR interest fees in the first 44 days. At the end of the 44 days, you will be charged with a standard variable APR of 19.99%. If you pay off the balance by the due date, you will not be charged with any interest fee. If you have used the card for the balance transfer, you won’t be able to enjoy the interest-free feature.

Signing up for the card will automatically give you access to a free Qantas Frequent Flyer membership which is valued at $89.50. The minimum credit limit that you can get approve for the card is $15,000. If you use the balance transfer feature, you will be charged with a 2% fee on each transfer.

Every dollar that you spend will earn you 1 Qantas point up to the spending limit of $5,000. After $5,000, you will earn 0.5 point on per dollar spent up to $20,000 in one statement period. You can exchange the rewards that you earn with travel tickets, and vouchers from the Qantas store. Card holders get access to 24/7 concierge.

You will earn 2 Qantas points if you use the card to purchase a Qantas product through ANZ and NAB. The card is inclusive of 7 complimentary insurances including overseas travel, interstate flight inconvenience, domestic hotel burglary, and price protection.

NAB Qantas rewards signature card is ideal for people who spend about $5K on the card every month. It has an expensive annual fee of $395. If you spend up to $5K per month on the card, you can reduce the cost of the annual fee to half. You can add another person as an authorized user on the card for free. The visa front line access gives you priority when you want to reserve tickets at big events