Color temperature is a way to determine the color of lightusingKelvin degrees. It’s applicable for any glowing object but is widely used for marking light bulbs. The indication is based on such physical entity as correlated color temperature or CCT.

When you heat up an object it starts glowing. First red and then yellow, white or blue. The higher is the temperature the more bluish is the light. The same thing with light bulbs: if their color temperature is 3000K they glow just like an object heated to 3000K.

Most of industrial or residential lighting objects have temperature between 2000K and 6500K. You may compare your lamp with a chart below:

What color temperature is right for your room?

Light temperature can affect not only our rooms but our mood. Here are a few rules to make your lighting beautiful and the most suitable.

• If you have a lamp with CCT from 2000K to 3000K, it’s light will be “warm white”: orange or yellow-white. Such temperatures are most common for bedrooms or other places where you should feel relaxed.
• 3100K – 4500K may be called “cool white”, “bright white” or “neutral white”. They are close to natural light and are the best for offices and workplaces.
• All lamps above 4500K emit so-called“daylight” or “cold white” light and is good for places which should look clean and cool.

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