Among the many health tips and tricks that have been released with the Internet and viral information sharing platforms, Men’s Fitness Magazine (online and offline) has skyrocketed in sales. Their marketing and distribution agency, ValueMags, has realized that their most prized marketing technique is who they put on the cover of their magazine. Every edition of their magazine includes a shirtless or not shirtless man who is very physically fit. This tries to influence the reaction people have when they see the magazine cover, especially men. Immediately, men are thinking that they want the same body and how can they achieve that body. Most are also thinking, how can they achieve that body with as little effort in a minimal amount of time? In a recent article published in the magazine, that is nearly impossible. It is impossible to achieve the body’s that they promote in a HEALTHY manner in a short period of time. The bodies that they promote have been working for months and years and use health techniques not only in their physique but in their mental and emotional states as well. One of the best techniques to help a healthy lifestyle is to manage stress. Stress is one of the number one ways individuals gain weight. They stop listening to their bodies and they stop focusing on their health because their minds are distracted.

One of the latest releases to a healthy lifestyle is prioritizing. It was always recommended but only now have ValueMags seen that these tips are supported by evidence and research. Prioritizing has shown to help many Americans manage their time. Time management is closely related to stress management. Therefore, if one can effectively manage what they are dedicating their time to, they can fully dedicate their energy in that moment. While working out, if your mind is elsewhere, your workout will not be as effective. For more information, visit the ValueMags website to order Mens Fitness Magazine!