Twitter and Facebook are the two social media giants on the internet. While the young generation is a big fan of Facebook or Fb, it is common that the President keeps posting regularly on Twitter. His tweets become the news on televisions and talk of the town too. Here are some reasons why the President chooses Twitter over other social media platforms.

Why Trump loves twitter?

  1. He uses it to control the dishonest media: after becoming the new president, people thought that he would change his tone to attract audiences on Twitter. But he did not do so because according to him “it’s working.” Trump mentioned that he cannot rely on mainstream outlets and newspapers to report his views accurately. With Twitter, he can share his views clearly.
  2. Twitter helped him connect with his supporters: Trump had few options to connect with his supporters after the Inauguration Day. During election campaigning, he had rallies, interviews and debates and ads along with Twitter. But later appearances became formal and fewer and so Twitter became his vice.
  3. He does not need Facebook to manipulate the media: Donald Trump got fame by manipulating the media and he did this without using Facebook. He became a popular face as the right person for the post of President because of the show named “The Apprentice.” Republicans who watched this show got him the popularity and support he needed.
  4. His tweets become popular on television: television is the most important source of news amongst the older Americans. Trump got the victory because his tweets were being quoted on the television. Television shows used to cover his tweets a day in and day out. This helped him to get elected more than Facebook did and so he loves twitter a lot more.
  5. Media in America is intoxicated by Twitter: By tweeting on the powerful social media, Trump makes himself available to numerous anonymous fans rather than making a statement in front of the scrutinizing press. Even journalists are a lot intoxicated by Twitter and they remain updated with what Mr. President is tweeting. Although Facebook and Google drive more traffic to their articles, still American Journalists love twitter. These are the same methods legal marketing firms are using to help bring awareness to their clients as well. Using both a mix of social media and SEO is what’s working best these days.
  6. According to conservatives, Facebook censors them: Fb users have concerns about how and what news and stories are being shown to users. There are accusations that Facebook censors conservative and pro-Trump posts. That is why he thinks that Facebook is anti-Trump and focuses on Twitter instead.
  7. Twitter is addictive: Twitter is highly addictive and so Donald Trump prefers it. It is difficult to break your habit of tweeting and it is compulsive. Users of Twitter, even the President, cannot resist the temptation to check the status of his tweet and the number of retweets and likes that he has earned. Some tweets might get viral while some may fall flat. So it is always unpredictable after you tweet.

Due to these common reasons, Mr. President loves Twitter over Facebook!