As you know, the fan following of sad songs are increasing day by day and people are becoming restless for new sad songs 2017. There are lots of people who will prefer sad songs over any other types in music. Maybe you can feel and relate yourself with the heartbreaking words sung by vocalist. There is a big reason behind the favoritism of sad songs. Almost every one of you has feels pain, rejection, loss, depression and heartbreak alteast once in their life. that’s why it becomes more easy to feel the pain behind the words but don’t get confused that sad song is for those who is sad or it will make you sad in fact, sad songs can make you feel better about yourself. There are many sad songs 2017 that is going to released in next year, dj equipment rental can make it more better and can change your whole theory about the sad songs.


List of saddest songs

Here are top saddest songs that will make you happy

Dancing on my own (2010): this song is about a woman who is dancing in front of her ex lover sitting with another woman in the club. It’s a song about the loneliness and emptiness after getting dumped.  Swedish singer Robyn sung this song for her fifth studio album body talked pt 1. Robyn got positive response and review from critics as well as public. This song was also featured in various popular TV serials like gossip girls and orange in the black.

Heart attack (2010): Demi lovatto presents her song for those who fears to fall in love. The song was become a second top most famous solo song by Demi. The basic theme behind the song is about a girl who never wants to fall in love aging as it’s a worst experience of her life and she never wants to be rejected by anyone. This song gets a higher rating by critics for its different and interesting lyrics.

22 (2009): lily Allen a British singer and writer, who recorded her voice for song album it’s not me it’s you.  This song was released in different countries with different names. This song is about those extremely pretty ladies who can’t decide about what to do with their life as they should rely on others or do something? Allen got mix response from critics but people likes her thoughts behind the song.