It is no secret that our body also changes as we age. Such changes can have good and bad consequences on our health and body. Bad consequences may include serious health issues and deficiencies. One such deficiency is hypogonadism.

Hyponadiasm is a deficiency of testosterone hormones in adult men. This hormone is responsible for the growth and production of masculine characteristics in a man. It’s important you consider it seriously, if you’re diagnosed with such deficiency.

Driving technologies in medical world have made it easier to cure such serious health problems by discovering some effective health care solutions. Testosterone cypionate is one of these solutions.

In this article, we are going to discuss about Testosterone replacement therapies and Injections. Visiting will give you more detailed information.

What is Testosterone cypionate injection?

Hormones medications are available in many forms like injections, Gels, Creams, transdermal patches etc. However, injections are the most common and popular form of medication.

Testosterone medication is available in injectable form. Usually, 100mg/ml and 200 mg/ml solutions are available. However, 200mg solution is the most preferred choices

A 100mg/ml solution of Testosterone cypionate contains:

  • 1mg of Benzyl benzoate
  • 45mg of Benzyl alcohol
  • 100mg of testosterone cypionate
  • 736 mg of Cotton seed oil

A 200mg/ml solution of Testosterone cypionate contains:

  • 2mg of Benzyl benzoate
  • 45mg of Benzyl alcohol
  • 200mg of testosterone cypionate
  • 560 mg of Cotton seed oil

When should I take it?

Testosterone replacement therapy, also known as TRT is recommended by doctors, if you have lower levels of testosterone hormone.

In general, the normal testosterone range in a male body is about 300-1000ng/dl. If your testes fail to produce hormones between these ranges, you must consult a doctor for starting the treatment.

How can I know the testosterone level of my body?

It is quite simple. A blood test will reveal the levels of hormones in your blood.

What will the appropriate dosage for me?

It differs depending upon the user’s age, body weight, testosterone level, health status etc. It’s advisable to strictly follow the dosage recommended by your doctor. Overdose is not recommended.

Does it have other benefits?

Yes, apart from treating hypogonadism, Testosterone cypionate can

  • Be helpful in enhancement of libido.
  • Boost your strength and performance.
  • Help in gaining muscle mass.

It is also recommended treatment for injuries caused to pituitary gland because of trauma, tumors or radiation etc.

So, switch to Testosterone cypiatone for some effective results. Try once and see the difference yourself.