Smart phones are one of those quintessential accessories that tag along every single human being of the 21st century. And the dependency on smart phones has increased to such a level, that people cannot move a single step without them. As a result of it, whenever, these smart phones break, it turns out to be a pitfall that none can ever avoid. So, whether the battery has started being faulty, or the screen is completely broken, it needs to be repaired immediately. Some of the tricky parts in repairing the smart phones are the insurance policies and warranties where the manufacturers have a major role to play.

While reaching out to the dealers seem to be the safest of all, people often consider visiting the third party repair shops. However, there have been reports where getting the phones repaired from third party shops have resulted in turning the phones completely unusable. Hence, while making online search for finding cell phone repair near me, make sure you are aware of knowing the risks in visiting the third party repairs.

Being Aware of the Warranty Receipts

The accidental damages are generally not covered by any of the standard warranties that come along with smart phones. Some of the common problems that are included under the accidental damages cracked screens or the water damages that occur. As opposed to this, if the problems lie with the manufacturers, such as failure in software, the phone is entitled to be repaired completely for free. While the owner has warranty, and the phone is entitled to be repaired under these coverages, it makes a lot of sense to visit the original dealerships than going to the third party repair shops for the repair work.

While using the third party repair shops, most of the brands comment that the warranty goes invalid. Irrespective of the manufacturer of the device, using an unofficial source to repair actually suffice that the chances of having bigger problems in the due course of time increases. Even if the fault lies with the manufacturer henceforth, the warranty will not be considered as valid.

Cost Effectiveness VS Quality Repair Work

It is true that getting the phones repaired from the original dealership will actually make the entire venture a costly one. Since buying a costly smart phone is indeed a substantial investment, repairing it from the dealers adds up to the burden. However, considering the case of Apple, the owners who have got the Touch ID fingerprint scanner repaired or replaced from the third party vendors, fail to render it after any kind of software update.

Hence, while finding cell phone repair near me shops, one must be sure of the fact that they use OEM parts to guarantee the quality of the repair work. The cheap parts that are being used never go for a quality check and end up being faulty after a couple of months of use. Be it the screen, battery or simple touch panels, it holds true for all. Substantial research work is the key in phone repair,  and this age old process still holds its value in the 21st century.