Supernatural powers and divine intervention do exist in this world. Science has its explanations but miracles do happen. God and the divine power is the secret behind these healings that even medical science cannot explain. The firm belief of God and His grace is enough to help you emerge victorious in all challenges and obstacles in life!Image result for The Divine Power of God Exists For Everyone In This World!

Meet an individual who spreads the positive message of God

TB Joshua -the head pastor of The Synagogue Church of All Nations commonly known as SCOAN says that the divine power of God does exist for everyone. You need a clean and pure heart to invoke His blessings and sail through many obstacles in life. He being a head pastor of The Church has a stream of followers from across the globe. They come to him for healing and blessings. He is the messenger of God and helps all those in need. He says that when it comes to healing and helping people, he lends a compassionate heart and hand to restore their trust in The Lord. He is there for His children he says!

Belief in the love of God is enough to create miracles

There is both good and evil in this world. However, evil and demonic forces can never bring you happiness. He does not believe in the occult and says that God will never be there for those who think evil for others. He adds that life is often a burden for people. They lose faith and become vulnerable to negative forces and thoughts. They believe there is no God and all love and light is gone. This is not true. Yes, life is tough- it is a challenge however no matter how tough life is, you need to invoke the Lord with the powers of prayer and fasting. The harder the attacks of adversity, the more deeper you fast and pray. The Lord will intervene and shower you with his divine grace, he says.

Heal yourself and others with love

He adds that no matter how hurt you might be on the inside, the power of love has tremendous capacity to heal you. God made you love- in fact you was born with love. The world and negative conditioning of others stole that love from you. You lost the greatest gift of life. However, it is not too late.

Love is dormant in you and you have the tremendous power to invoke it to heal yourself and others says TB Joshua. At first, you might not believe this reality but with daily prayer and practice you will regain that lost love in you. You can heal anything and make a positive contribution to the world too. There is so much of hurt and pain across the world. It is time for everyone to join hands and spread the message of love. Healing the world is the need of the day, he says- this is why he is on a mission to spread the love of God and remind people that He does exist for everyone!