The first model which could be classified as the electric table fan was designed by Peter Behrens and was introduced by a company with the name ofAllgemeineElektricitatsGesellschaft (A.E.G) in 1908.

Table fan is somewhat the most used fan across the world, only defeated by the ceiling fans but if we consider the modifications that include pedestal fans as in the same category as the table fan then table fans might be the most widely used fans, defeating the ceiling fans. The table fans over the span of time have evolved become more efficient and quiet. To know more about power consumption of ceiling fans, visit this site.

Ceiling fans are the most widely used fans as stated earlier. These are the which are fixed to a ceiling and they circulate air in the whole room from their fixed position. The ceilings fans don’t have the oscillation options because as it is they cover the major area in the room. The ceiling fans are very aesthetically designed and thy go with any décor but if they don’t they are available in various designs and shades and thus one can choose the one which is as per the requirement.

When it comes to comparing these two widely used fans the parameters that are taken range from simple to complex ones and they are as follows:

  • Airflow: The airflow efficiency of the ceiling fans is very much better as compared to the table fan. The table fan provides air to cool one person at the table maximum two and it has a targeted airflow with a less sweep or swing range. The ceiling fan cover the airflow in the whole room and maintains the air circulation in the complete room. The table does nothing to improve the quality of air and keeps in circulating the same air all throughout in the room whereas if there is ceiling room in the room with ventilator the air quality of the air in circulation is maintained at a good quality.
  • Design: The ceiling fan is much more aesthetically pleasing in terms of design as they are compatible with various interiors and if not then they come in various variety of designs and can be chosen from there. In context of the table fan there is not much that can be done with regard to the design. These fans are certainly more designer as compared to the pedestal and wall fans but they do not come even close to the ceiling fans.
  • Built: The ceiling fans are sturdily built and are heavy in their weight. These are built to last jerks, socks, vibrations etc. Table fans are lighter in weight and these are made for a more sophisticated reason and thus these are strong nonetheless but they are not as strong as the ceiling fans.
  • Power consumption: In terms of power consumption we have table fans which consume very little power as they have to keep the flow concentrated to a very small region thus large power is not needed, whereas in context of ceiling fans the power is slightly more.
  • Portability: There is even no need to mention ceiling fan, the table fan wins it hands on.