Just because your favorite model of a car or a motorbike is only produced and sold in another country, does not mean that you are unable to purchase and have the vehicle imported. Even if you want to do the same thing with a boat, it is possible, if you have a good provider.

However, before you actually make a purchase it is important that you know the necessary steps to importing a vehicle to Australia, in which case you might want to contact Dazmac International Logistics. You can also contact your local provider instead, and make sure that the model you want to import is actually eligible to be imported at all.

Choose the model that suits your taste, and have it imported easily with the help of a good provider!

  1. Vehicle import approval

Before you can have the vehicle imported, it needs to be registered with the department, if it already is not. After completing the application online, you should pay $50 for the application fee, which can change from time to time.

  1. Receiving your import approval

After that, you will receive an email that will give you the vehicle import approval, and this approval might also have the conditions for the use of the given vehicle. If this is confusing, you can always hire a broker for help.

  1. Arrange the shipping of the vehicle

Before you actually ship the vehicle, you need to ensure that the car steam is cleaned both inside and outside, to remove any sort of materials that could possibly compromise the quarantine check. You also need to make sure that the air-conditioning gas is removed, and you should also have the asbestos cleaned.

  1. Customs clearance

Then, you need to get the customs clearance, which means that you need to lodge an import declaration, after which you will have to pay for the customs duty, GST, and the luxury car tax if it is needed. If you need help, get professional help from Dazmac Logistics for importing cars to Australia, or from your local import/export provider instead.

  1. Australian quarantine requirements

It was quite obvious that this was the next step, as you need to lodge a quarantine entry and arrange an inspection appointment with the department of agriculture and water resources. This is a step that should never be skipped.

You can also think about importing a boat if you love to cruise!

  1. Meet the import approval condition

You need to meet the approval conditions for the import, which means that some modifications might have to take place. This is something you should discuss with your provider before purchasing a certain model of a vehicle. Conduct testing and develop the evidence for compliance, and make sure to apply for the identification plate approval, or you can supply to the market approvals if that is necessary.

  1. Registering the vehicle

After all of that, it is important to actually register the vehicle in the relevant state or territory, which is to be discussed with your provider. You can also contact the government agencies and ask them about the necessary information to successfully register your car to Australian standards.

Final word

There are plenty of great vehicle models out there, and sometimes our favorite model is not sold in our country, in which case you might want to think about importing. The process might be a bit complicated, but with a good provider and broker by your side, this will be an easy job. Just make sure to talk to your provider before purchasing any car, to see if that model is eligible to be imported.