In every country, there are different rules for usage of steroids. Therefore, if you are a sports person and planning to stay in UK for some time, then you must find out about various restrictions that are applied in this country. There is a possibility that in your own country there may not be any legal problem for using or buying any kind of steroid, however you may not get the same liberty in the UK too.

Do you want to buy steroids in UK?

You must first of all enquire about the rules applicable for buying steroids in the UK. There may be separate rules for foreigners and local residents. In the UK using steroids for medical reasons are permitted, if there is a prescription available from any recognized doctor. Steroids can also be used for personal purpose. However, those rules are little complex.

In the UK, steroids are listed as class C drug and therefore it cannot be misused for any nonmedical purpose. However, sometimes no offense is taken if found to be used for any personal reasons. Importing of steroid from any other countries is considered to be illegal. You cannot even get it through any postal or courier service.

One of the reasons for banning import of steroids is because there is always a chance of receiving substandard quality of steroid inside the country. If you are caught selling or buying steroids illegally then you can be prosecuted or even jailed.

Steroids available in UK

The following steroids are available for sale however subjected to production of valid prescription from any recognized doctor.

  • Clenbuterol
  • Human Chronic Gonadotropin (HCD)
  • Non-Human Chronic Gonadotropin
  • Nonsteroidal estrogen (Zeranol)
  • Somatropin (HGH)
  • Somatotropin
  • Zilpaterol

Why steroid use is restricted in the UK?

Earlier days there was no restriction in the use of steroids in UK. However, with passage of time plenty of side effects have come under the notice of the authorities. The side effects were generally found after using these steroids for various non-medical uses where much higher doses are consumed.

After putting regulations about the steroid usage plenty of underground and black-market sources started appearing for steroids. Many people started importing from other countries where steroids can be legally purchased. Looking at all these problems UK government has become very strict about the sale and purchase of all kinds of steroids in the country.