Have you ever thought of updating your old vanity into modern bathroom vanities that you have seen on other bathroom remodeling sites? If you have and you are looking for more tempting ideas, here are some great vanity remodeling ideas to try out today.

Black vanity cabinets offer a seamless option for storing different items and products that you need to fix yourself in the morning as well as before you sleep at night. Black vanity tops combined with black and sleek black cabinet paint will look great in a modern bathroom.Related image

Wood will always be a symbol of luxury and updating your old vanity into a wooden one will make your bathroom ooze style and luxury. There are many ways to use pure hardwood for your vanity; vanity cabinets found underneath the vanity top could be constructed in hardwood. You may use a “cabinet-like” style wherein the vanity sink is conveniently placed over the cabinet and the bottom could have several sections where you can store different items. Apply wood varnish on your wooden modern bathroom vanities to make it shine and resist dust and grime.

Metal cabinets would look great in modern vanities. Sheet metal is an inexpensive and sleek way to update your cabinets. However, metal could easily rust being in a moist environment such as your bathroom. The best way to avoid this is to apply paint over sheet metal. Modern monochromatic paint colors are the most preferred these days; colors such as black, dark brown and grey are perfect for a modern bathroom.

Updating your vanity top is possibly one of the most crucial parts of your project. There are a lot of ways to do this such as using natural stone slabs, sheet metal or using updated sinks. Natural stone such as marble or granite in monochromatic colors and textures are the best vanity top to consider for a modern bathroom.

You may also want to consider updating your bathroom plumbing fixtures such as sink faucets, soap dispensers and sinks. Modern designs concentrate on faucets that are minimalistic in design and are made of durable materials. Faucets that open and close with a single swipe, automatic faucets and water –saving units are perfect for modern bathroom vanities. There are so many more amazing modern design ideas for bathrooms online and offline. Take time to plan your vanity remodeling project to ensure its success.