Somatropin is a human growth hormone which is important for the growth of muscles and bones. People who suffer from lack of natural growth hormone will be treated with Somatropin artificially, especially for children. People who possess chronic kidney failure, Noonan Syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, Turner syndrome, congenital short status, no growth and other causes are treated with Somatropin hormone. It helps to prevent severe weight loss among AIDS patients, treat short bowel syndrome.

Somatropin side effects:

Since growth hormone is capable of interfering with or affect the other hormones function including insulin, adverse effects of Somatropin can include glucose intolerance, bloating and water retention (edema) in the extremities, increased risk of hypothyroidism development. When your doctor recommends any brand name or synthetic form of growth hormone, you should discuss with him about the downside and potential risks, recommended dosage, dosage frequency and the result of the drug.

If you experience signs of hives, dyspnea, swelling of your face, throat, tongue and lips, get an immediate medical attention. Prader-Willi syndrome people may be occurred with serious breathing problem after using Somatropin. If you are the patient of such syndrome, rush to your physician quickly soon after developing the signs of coughing, increased snoring, dyspnea. The common side effects are experienced as muscle & joint pain, headache, rapid weight gain, edema, pain, skin changes and itching in the site where the medicine was injected. Other rare side effects of Somatropin are pain in the knees, hip, walking with limp, numbness or tingling sensation in the hand, fingers and wrist, severe pain in the upper stomach spreading back side, nausea, vomiting and racing heart rate, high blood pressure, increased thirst and urination, hunger, dry mouth, drowsiness, dry skin, weight loss, blurred vision.

Depends on the dosage the side effects can become severe. It is important to follow the recommended dosage by the physician. Abusing Somatropin might cause umpteen HGH side effects say Acromegaly, jitteriness, slurred speech, seizures and severe bloating and water retention.

Try to avoid taking Somatropin if you are allergic to or have:

A serious illness due to lung failure or complications caused by injury, medical trauma and recent surgery, Cancer, eye problems due to diabetes (diabetic retinopathy), being treated for Prader-Willi syndrome, overweight, severe breathing problem (sleep apnea).

Depends on your health condition, you may feel free to discuss with your doctor about an alternative to Somatropin injections. Including high amino acid and protein foods may help to increase the levels of growth hormones. Regular exercise too helps to improve growth hormone secretion from the pituitary. In the case of severe GH deficiency, growth hormone injections are the best route for health and wellness.

Somatropin dosage:

The enhancement of muscle cells in the skeletal system results with a moderate dose of HGH. This hormone increases the size of muscle cells and their numbers. Four to eight IU per day is the ideal dose for start up for building lean muscle mass and reducing fat. Many users have reported extraordinary results with a dose of 4-5 IU per day.