Before using any drug, you need to know if their side effects are worrisome. However, before knowing the answer to this, potential users have to research their drug and how that functions in their body. This way, it can help bodybuilders and athletes stay on the safer side.

Testoviron is a relatively common steroid and most websites would have it mentioned. You could check it from the injection depot to find more information about it. The use of the drug is informed in several bodybuilding forums. It is also known to be performed in due diligence on one’s own, to know how it works and how to use it.

Benefits of Testoviron

Most anabolic steroids that are prepared in a laboratory environment is used for treating hypogonadism or due to low testosterone levels in men. The drug can help promote:

  • Improved synthesis of red blood cells. These cells transfer oxygen and other nutrients into muscles, encourages growth, endurance and strength.
  • It increases the maintenance of nitrogen retention in the muscles. The muscles require oxygen and nitrogen balance and that promotes muscle growth and stamina.
  • It also helps in mass muscle gain. Several types of testosterone are pretty effective to reduce weight loss and muscle loss that is associated with wasting conditions and disease processes like HIV, AIDS, and muscular dystrophy.

The drug is not only popular for bodybuilders who want to know before and after results. The injections are commonly used for medical conditions. Despite of all the advantages, every steroid comes with potential risks. Similarly, the side effects of Testoviron are not surprising.

Testoviron Side Effects

  1. Suppresses testosterone

When our body senses that the level of testosterone is high or enough, it stops the production. Thus, the suppression of the drug due to testosterone overdose can cause testicular atrophy or shrinkage of testicles. This can eventually lead to infertility. People sometime take over a year to come back to their natural level of testosterone. However, sometimes they condition can be permanent!

  1. Increase in low-density lipoprotein(LDL) levels

This process alternatively means that there is a decrease of high-density lipoprotein levels (HDL). The process can build up plaque in our arterial walls or trigger atherosclerosis. This can make you more prone to have heart attack or stroke risks. You can face cardiovascular issues, but that can be prevented by eating healthy diet.

Other Testoviron effects from the injection depot can be mild or serious. It can affect organ functioning for long-term and can also become life threatening. The drug produces moderate side effects in terms of estrogen. However, it is known to have low progestational activity. Your dosages would determine the level of effect. In medical cases, you could be recommended to have 250 mg of the drug for 6 weeks. A lot of bodybuilders consume 250 to 500 mg on a weekly basis and the process stays for almost 12 weeks. Know the apt recommendations for you and then go ahead with it!