If you love your farm, have a look at the Shogun Nutrients line of products

Most farmers usually notice that after some time, the harvests they get from their farms start to decline. One of the reasons for this is that the crops you have on your farm deplete the nutrients found in the soil. Another reason for this is the leaching of nutrients by water. This is particularly the case for farms that rely on irrigation for their water needs.

When a farmer gets to such a point, he or she has two choices: either leave the land farrow and wait for it to re-fertilize on its own or apply additives to the soil and watch his harvest increase.Image result for Shogun Nutrients

Always go for the best

Farmers who choose to go with the second option above should know that not all soil and plant nutrients and additives are created equal: some are better than others. The criterion most commonly used to decide which additive is the best is checking the number and amount of essential nutrients that the additive has.

Every farmer worth his salt knows that plants need nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous plus other “minor” nutrients to thrive. Additive, such as those from Shogun Nutrients, that have adequate amounts of all of these minerals should, therefore, be at the top of your list when looking for products to boost the fertility of your land, improve the wellbeing of your plans and increase your harvest.

When seeking help from a professional

It is never a bad thing for a farmer to ask for help from a professional when looking to improve conditions at their farm. That said, there is some information that you ought to have in order to get the right advice:

  1. The plants that you have on your farm
  2. Past practices. These may help shed light on what could be the cause of your woes.
  3. Water and soil analysis report. To know what to add to your farm, you need to know what you already have. Water and soil analysis help determine what minerals are at the required level in the soil as well as those you may be adding through your irrigation water.