Budget travelers often have to sacrifice on a lot of their travel plans because of limited resources. It is often hard to include all the elements of interest, but if you are a smart traveler, you can surely do a lot more for less. In this post, we will talk of the 9 ways to enjoy more in a small budget.


  1. Choose popular destinations. Of course, there is fun in exploring the offbeat destinations, but for most of the known and common tourist places, you can get a wide range of offers and deals.
  2. If you are sure of your travel dates, try to book everything in advance. Flights and hotels would cost you at least 20-40% less, especially when booked three to four months in advance.
  3. Don’t miss on checking for professional travel sites like sun holidays. These portals often have great deals and customized tour packages, which can fit varied budgets.
  4. All-inclusive packages are a great way to save money. Look for deals that include everything, right from hotels, transfers, flights and meals. If time isn’t a big factor, look for stop-over flights that are pretty cheap, especially when booked at least a few months before traveling.
  5. Discount coupons are available for many sites and portals. Look for valid codes for a given season, and if you are willing to pay, paid coupons aren’t bad either.
  6. Travel insurance isn’t an extra cost on the budget, but in case of a mishap or delay, such as flight cancellations and luggage loss, you can recover a lot of the damage. Just make sure that the cover is extensive and within budget.
  7. If you aren’t very particular about your stay choices, look for packages and deals that involve BnB and hostels. These are extremely cheap, and you can get one even in the peak season.
  8. For saving more on your budget, get event and other tickets in advance. Since online bookings are possible for almost all events, you can save on the hassles in the last minute. In fact, event tickets often sell at higher rates during the last week.
  9. Finally, try to travel in groups. Most of the agents and travel sites would offer good customized deals if you travel with a big group of five to six people, or with your extended family.

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