If you are looking for the real European adventure then Albania is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries for a visit. This country is recognized for very few travelers although this country on the Mediterranean Sea has many more attractions for tourists. You can experience perfect Albania holiday destination with its charming and loving wildlife nature and pleasant Mediterranean air. This place can be a perfect holiday vacation trip as it is crowded by less people available much cheaper in comparison to the other holiday countries. Your trip to the famous places can also give you rich historic knowledge about this country. You will surely like to experience varied landscape as Albania is all about the sandy beaches, pellucid lakes picturesque mountains, magisterial gorges, dark forests, Shallow River over the clear white stones. This small country describes about its beauty through the wonderful beaches and sceneries.

Your travel in Albania would surely include some of the famous places that would give you great opportunity to understand this country.Image result for Plan for the Albania trip: visit most famous places of Albania


The city of berat is located at the middle of the country at river osum. This is erected at the hill and in past it was designed as a castle. You can also find original castle, kalaja at this hill. The castle contains a number of mosques and churches in a district that are really worth a watch. This place is also known as the city of thousand windows because of large window frontages in typically designed houses. Definitely this place can be a great destination for the culture and history loving people.

Albanian Riviera

In southwest of the country, Albanian is less crowded and much quieter place.  The wonderful beaches are finely attractive and relaxing to go for the sunbathing and swimming. The active tourist attractions are all about the beaches and great hotels to enjoy the traditional food and wines. You may also know that behind the beaches country side is totally original where you can also look for the dramatic mountain settings to have some sporty games. You can also plan for the small trips as in the mountains there are number of small romantic hidden villages.


In the middle of the Albania next to the city of Fier people can also find the ruins of the ancient town that was named after god Apollo. In the ancient world, apollonian is regarded as the most important and biggest city. The ruins show a back flash of the glory and still these are very interesting. You can also visit ancient buildings, temples, libraries, theaters and even rotten mansions or triumphal arch. You can also experience interesting historical places while you would like to view of the country from the hill.


Situated at the coastline of Albania, this big city Durres is an important harbor city. All over the year many feastings and cultural events take place in this city. Amphitheater is one of the major attractions of this city and this also plays an important role in all the events. Besides rich history and culture Durres also offers holiday fun with beautiful beaches.