The environment is all we’ve got.  This really is our home, and thus much we seem to have taken that fact for granted.  Read the latest National Geographic issue – or any other issue, for the thing – and determine why.

Thing is, technology is at an immediate head-on collision with environmental preservation.  The more humankind develops newer technology, the tougher the toll it takes on the environment.  Look at all the problems surrounding contemporary society: global warming, thinning of the ozone layer, air pollution, deforestation, etc..

That’s why environmental remediation is a very crucial element of contemporary science.  Let’s dig deeper, shall we?

“Remediation” means to “provide a remedy”. Therefore that the expression “environmental remediation” is to heal the environment from all its existing problems.  It’s the division of contemporary science that addresses the removal and decontamination of pollutants from environmental media like surface water, sediment, groundwater and soil, etc..

Environmental remediation has been studied and practiced for the sake of overall human health and, naturally, environmental preservation.

Environmental remediation requires the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment report.  What is that?

The Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment is a kind of report employed for identifying existing or potential environmental obligations of a real estate owner.  Therefore, in the event that you possess a parcel of land, you’re expected to take care of that bit of land, and make sure it poses no threat to the surrounding air.  The Phase 1 Environmental Side Assessment report can be utilized to determine only that.

The Phase 1 Environmental Side Assessment multi-tier process document, which decides different degrees or types of social websites contamination.  Examinations include…

  • Assessing for chemical residues embedded in structures
  • Asbestos content in construction materials
  • Inventory of toxic and toxic substances stored on the Site
  • Mildew and mould assessment
  • Assessment of indoor air quality

Based on government laws

These activities may trigger the respective bureau to do a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment report on a commercial property.

  • The house has been sold into a new individual or entity
  • Primary redistribution of real estate ownership, or venture buyout
  • A brand new lender decides to provide a loan to the house
  • The proprietor wishes to know more about the site’s toxic history
  • The proprietor problems that an application for change of use to a public service
  • An agency suspects site pollution and orders that the report
  • Home divestiture

Other authorities outside the United States are also seeking to practice the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment report more openly to ascertain contaminated properties.  Back in Japan, the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law was passed in 2003 to allow scientists to run the report at a more regular way.  The same goes in Melbourne, where the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment report is compulsory when transferring certain types of industrial properties.

Other environmental remediation report kinds exist, including Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, Phase III Environmental Site Assessment, Limited Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Environmental Assessment, and the SBA Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.