Peter Loftin is an entrepreneur who succeeded in establishing himself in multiple businesses, The Lord of Casa Casuarina.

A successful Entrepreneur

Peter Loftin started to follow his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur while at North Carolina State University, making a humble beginning by selling cordless phones and then established BTI. At the age of 25 he became a successful businessman. In 1983 Peter Loftin  could make BTI one of the top telecommunication companies. He is also known for being the first to offer flat rate pricing for long distance in the telecommunications industry.

He was subsequently awarded “North Carolina Entrepreneur of the year” by Business North Carolina Magazine and “Corporate citizen of the year” by North Carolina Electronics and information technologies Association. Peter Loftin has been appreciated for providing free internet services to the disabled in rural schools of North Carolina by none other than the governor James B. Hunt

Largest Distillery Founder

In 2016 Peter Loftin established the largest new whiskey distillery “Bardstown Bourbon”, with collaborative whisky, Rye and Bourbon distilling. Bardstown Bourbon is a unique collaborative whisky program. Loftin is the chairman of the board.

Love for Art

Casa Casuarinas: Loftin’s love for arts made him the largest contributor to BTI center for performing arts in 1997. But as a duty to society he purchased Casa Casuarina by selling a part of BTI. Peter Loftin gave this as a gift to the community making Casa Casuarinas venue to more than 30 significant charities. Owning Casa Casuarina, he sought services of Ernst and Young to develop highest and best use of the property. This resulted in Casa Casuarinas being one of the best Boutique Hotel and club Business as well as a luxurious residential property.

Capital Funding

Loftin also founded GlobeSecNine now known as Torch Hill Investment Partners. Torch Hill Provides capital to Domestic and international companies in Defense and intelligence industry.  

War against Terrorism

Peter Loftin is also known for aiding war against terrorism. For this noble cause CM3 was established with partnership with retired personnel Michael Haley from the Seal and Richard Shaffer from the FBI. CM3 is now a counter terrorism and consultation entity, providing all investigative, intelligence and threat assessment operations for banks, US military facilities, nuclear facilities and high tech industry.

Charitable Acts

Loftin also is very active when it comes to charities. He started “Coats and Kids” when he was in his twenties, donating winter coats to thousands of needy children. It is his generosity of giving back that made him serve on boards of various charitable institutions in different capacities, to name a few as follows.

  1. American Red cross in Washington.
  2. American Lung Association.
  3. Duke Heart center at Duke University.
  4. North Carolina Museum of natural science
  5. Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.
  6. Council for Entrepreneurial development (CED), started with scholarships for entrepreneurial high school students.

Apart from the above stated he also built a camp for boys and girls of America named Camp BTI. Peter Loftin is very serious when it comes to doing business and serving the community. These qualities are of great importance and can be an inspiration for the young businessmen.