The number of fresh juice lovers raises up with every next day. Currently, a great many people get worried about their health and the quality of food they consume and thus, look for the neat and clean products only. If some couple of years past one would buy a packed juice and drink it with no much concern, today he/she would probably think twice prior to doing so. In what refers to making beverages, lots of consumers agree that owning a juice extractor is the only way to enjoy some of the favorite drinks. With regards to this fact, it matters a lot what type of juicer you use.


Advantages of the masticating juicers

For quite a time centrifugal machines remained the only juicers to choose from. Surely, the list of manufacturers has always been pretty impressive but all of them offered the products of the same type.

Nowadays, the variety of models has been significantly enriched. The outlived centrifugal concept has been replaced with something entirely innovating – masticating technology. Unlike the older juicers, these new machines come with the rotating knives that cut the ingredients and squeeze the juice from those. But owing to much slower rotating speed (80-110 rpm) the fruits and vegetables are being pressed much more thoroughly. The resulting pulp comes out almost totally dry and no single drop of liquid is being wasted.


As to the key principles of work, the NC900HDC juicer review gives the comprehensive information on product’s technical specs. But to make the long article short, the main aspect turning masticating juicers into undisputed market’s hits is they preserve the nutrients in their original state. Vitamins and minerals don’t get damaged by the heat factor, for there’s no such notion as heat when you work with the newer devices.

Model’s specific features

In what refers to this particular model of a juicer, it deservedly holds the top position in the domestic appliances market. The rotation speed of 80 rpm in combination with elegant and smooth design features makes it a mere dream of every sophisticated juice lover. Many admit that noise level of the device is much lower compared to J series or any other direct competitor in the same price segment. Whenever the need to press wheatgrass or greens arises, there’s no better option to do the job than the product on review. The resulting yield is ways better than any conventional juice extractor could offer.

One more feature to focus attention on is that NC900HDC comes with a large chute. For an owner, it means he/she won’t need to cut fruits or vegetables into tiny pieces to start extracting the juice. The machine easily handles bigger pieces; just pressing those may take some extra time. In addition, the product’s accurate work greatly assists with cleaning the device. One can actually do it with no much efforts applied. The dry pulp is being removed quite easily and leaves no sticky stains. As to the rest, the working parts are detachable and can be rinsed no problem under the running water.