When you’re running a Shopify store, there are lots of things that you will need to think about before you are able to make the long term continuous profit that you have been searching for. One of these things is of course SEO for Shopify and you can get the help of many Shopify SEO Experts to do this. However, another thing that you will need to consider is the type of offer that you have in your store – as this can help to encourage people to spend money. Overall, offers have a great chance of securing customers, and these tips will help you with that.3

Signup offers

Before people have placed their first order is the most important time with regards to getting their business, as doing so might mean that they will buy more things from you in the future. To do this, it is great to give them an initial offer when they sign up for an account. A percentage discount is a good idea, the higher the better, but obviously you don’t want to make this too high, as it could mean that the discount could eat into your profits.

Free postage

Lots of people avoid shopping in places where they have to pay for postage because, psychologically, it seems like an additional cost too far. Where postage is free, people are much more likely to make a purchase, as it means that the price they see is the price that they actually pay. You might decide to offer free postage to all, which would be great if you could afford to, or you may need to put something in place such as free postage when you spend £10 – which could encourage people to add another small thing to their basket in order to get this discount.


Everybody likes to get something for free, however you need to be careful about the types of products that you apply this offer to. There are some products that will only be needed once, so getting another one free would be of little interest. Instead, it can be a really good idea to add the buy one get one free offer on a range of items, meaning that customers don’t actually need to buy two of the same things. You should find that this makes people want to buy more, and if they see things that they like, they may look out for similar offers in the future, making it more likely that they would shop at your store again.

When you are trying to make people shop at your store, you should always try to make it as attractive a prospect as you possibly can. Doing this means that your profits are likely to increase in the future, because you will be increasing the number of happy customers that you deal with. Over time this is great, and it is more than enough reason to take the time to cater for exactly what your customers are looking for.