There are already a good number of weed grinders today that have surfaced bringing with them their own unique features. One of the grinders today that has been surrounding the herb grinder world is the MendoMulcher. This particular grinder is one that has a unique feature. Wondering what it is? Read further down below in this MendoMulcher Review as we break down the special features that this certain grinder has.


If you are still searching for the right herb grinder for you, consider reviewing the main features of the grinder. If you are not yet ready to spend too much for a grinder, then you might want to try the MendoMulcher Grinder. It may have not the same high quality features as the Space Case Herb Grinder or Santa Cruz Shredder, but if has almost similar features at a very affordable price. So, what are its features?



The initial goal of the manufacturer for the MendoMulcher Grinder is to build a grinder that is durable and strong as well. The grinder is heavy unlike the common grinders. It comes with an extra grip making it easy to hold when you grind ample amount of herb even with its heavy design. The grinder is made of aircraft Aluminum making them durable. With this material, it can resist tear and wear and have finish that avoid fingerprints. It promises no scratch even after years of being used. Made of stainless steel, the grinder has a kief catcher. Aside from that, it has magnet closure attached on the lids to avoid possible spilling of herb stored in the grinder.


There are various sizes that you can choose from the MendoMulcher Grinders and it comes in 2 to 4 pieces.  The lid of the grinder is sealed securely because of the magnetic closure that the grinder have. Its teeth have twice the number of the common and easy to find grinders, having 88 teeth. These teeth grinds perfectly the buds using its angled approach. This way, build up of herb into the grinder is minimized. With this kind of design, there is a lot of kief that can be made in just a single load. The good thing about the MendoMulcher Grinders is having the screens pressed and is set directly to the grinder, which cannot be seen in cheap grinders.



If you have been lurking around the world wide web searching for literatures about the grinder, you might have stumbled into those pages that have stated how the grinder can even shred and cut a nut. With MendoMulcher Grinder, it might possible as it has 88 teeth which is very unusual for an herb grinder as the standard have only 45 teeth. Compared to other grinders, the MendoMulcher Grinder cannot easily be broken and the teeth, even after many uses, it will still remain solid.


When it comes to price, it may be a little expensive for other people but, still, it is worth the money. This grinder is good for those who wants to grind buds faster and collect quality pollen. If you want an herb grinder that will last a long time, then you might want to try this MendoMulcher Grinders. There are already a lot of customers that have said positive opinion with regard to this grinder.


There has been a lot of positive reviews that the MendoMulcher grinder have received. From its material, to the design down to its performance. It has the unique number of teeth that no common grinders have as they normally have 20-45 teeth. The good thing about this grinder, performance wise, is getting finest and fluffy residue after only a few twist of the grinder.


If you have observed, most of the what is stated in this MendoMulcher grinder review are positive because there are actually no major complaints about this grinder, except with the price. Others may find the price expensive but it is actually worth the money that you will spend. Aside from that, the closing lid is also an issue. Users are suggesting of including an o-ring between the bottom and lid of the MendoMulcher grinder for a much smoother turning of grind. Since it does not have any material in between the lid and body, there is a much bigger possibility of the metal residue from the impact of getting into the fine residue of herb.


Materials: 4 / 5

Design:                 4 / 5

Performance: 4 /5

Price: 3 / 5