Many of us have irregular eating habits. We may not eat on time; we may eat too much of junk, we may not eat at all, due to work or time constraints. Now, having a balanced diet is very important for overall growth and development of the body, and to keep it healthy and going for longer. However, the increasingly hectic lifestyle of today has led people to ignore their own bodies, the vessel that carries them, and this can be detrimental in the long run, resulting in various diseases and problems. The solution? Simple; consuming a balanced diet with an adequate amount of all nutrients and essential minerals.

Doing this with regular meals might be possible for some of us, but not all. The 9-5 life has our backs to the wall every second of the day, and eating on time really takes a backseat. To avoid that, meal replacement smoothies for a balanced diet turn out to be a lifesaver. They are quick to whip up, incredible in taste and provide all the nutritional value of a regular full-fledged meal, sometimes even more than that. Smoothies accomplish that, as the food is broken down into molecules that are more easily ingested and digested, it also removes the hassle of preparation of meals, as you just throw in the ingredients and press “start”.

Now, a balanced smoothie must contain some key elements without which it is basically useless. The necessary ingredients for a balanced diet smoothie are-

  1. A low-calorie base- this will be the predominant ingredient of the shake, so make sure to choose a low-calorie option such as water, fat-free milk or almond milk.
  2. Protein- it must be consumed in every meal, as it helps us feel full. It is also critical in building and maintaining muscle tissue. Therefore it must be added to our smoothie. Some rich sources include egg whites, seeds, nut butter, tofu or even protein powder.
  3. Fats- wait, don’t navigate away just yet. All fats aren’t bad for you. There are some fats which are needed for optimal functioning of the body. Therefore, they must not be avoided altogether. Some healthy sources include avocados, cashews and other nuts.
  4. High fibre carbohydrates- these are the nutrients to give you the energy to last until your next meal. Fruits, green veggies and the likes are the best eatables to consume from this category.

Choose an ingredient from all these categories, depending on your tastes, and get blending!