There are a lot of people who love hiking, but there are very few people who are aware of the different health benefits that are associated with hiking.

If you are interested to go for hiking and want to know more about the different benefits of hiking, then you can go through the list of the health benefits given below:

  • Hiking is very effective in improving your physical fitness. One hour of hiking can actually burn as much as 500 calories. However, the amounts of calories depend on the weight that you are carrying with yourself. If you go for a mountain hiking, then the chances of your weight loss is all the more.
  • Hiking helps you to take full control of your own fitness and you do not have to listen to the orders of your fitness trainer, in order to burn weight. You can choose the day and the time for your hiking and decide your own weight management schedule.
  • Hiking helps in toning your body. For hiking you require trekking poles that will help you to climb up the mountain and this helps in an overall body exercise which helps in giving a good shape to your body. Hiking is good for both the upper as well as the lower part of the body.
  • Increased blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol are also controlled by hiking. Hiking provides a proper workout to the muscles of your body that helps in moving glucose for the production of energy from the blood stream of the individual. Regular hiking also helps in decreasing the cholesterol and the blood pressure thus decreasing the chances of stroke and other heart diseases. It also helps in improving the glucose tolerance in the body that decreases the blood pressure in the body.
  • Hiking also helps a number of cancer patients to recover. The antioxidative capacity that is useful in fighting a number of diseases that are there in the blood of a cancer patient is improved by hiking. It has also been observed that the cancer survivors who have regularly gone for hiking have also been able to improve their health conditions much faster than the ones who did not associate themselves with any form of exercise.
  • Hiking helps you to communicate with nature in the best possible way. Most of you, these days have a very stressful life and hiking helps you to come out of this stress and enjoy the beauty and the serenity of nature. David Turlington loves hiking and says that, in order to get back to work much more refreshed, it is important to get yourself involved in physical activities like hiking.

There are many people who go for hiking for getting some peace of mind. Since David J Turlington has gone for hiking a number of times, so he understands its health benefits. He considers hiking to be one of the best ways that will help in the improvement of the health of an individual.