Sleep is one of the essential things for the proper functioning of the human body. If you do not get the correct amount and quality of sleep then the rest of your day becomes a heavy burden for you to carry out your normal activities. It is thus, that doctors and experts recommend a minimum of eight hours of sleep for any individual.

It is unfortunate to note that even though the standards of living have gone up and people have started to earn more and more by the hour, the complaints of insomnia or sleeplessness and various other sleep disorders are increasing. It is no wonder that Dr. Jonathan Lauter and other experts of the field like him have to attend so many cases of sleep disorder every day. Dr. Lauter though is an ace psychiatrist by profession; he treats cases of sleep disorder with equal efficiency.Image result for Know about The Different Types of Sleep Disorders

Insomnia is a very often heard of term, this is said when people do not get sleep at all. There are complaints of people who despite being extremely tired and weary cannot get sleep. The most common reasons behind its occurrence have been suggested to be depression or anxiety. The lowered standard of sleep is caused due to lack of long and sound sleep of the individual. The two sub-categories of Insomnia are lingering and short term insomnia.

The short term insomnia is probably caused by some sort of emotional stress within the peer group or exhaustion from work. The emotional strain could also be some kind of a social issue. Another probable cause could be prolonged term of any radical sickness. The only difference this has with the lingering types of insomnia is its duration. The lingering type stays on for at least three months while the short term one can be got rid of as soon as the nerve wrangling situation is overcome.

Sleep Apnea is another sleep disorder in which the respiration of a person is affected during sleep which causes a breakage in the continuity of the sound sleep, required by an individual. The intermittent disturbance of the sleep which lasts for 10 to 20 seconds is rather harmful and annoying for the individual, as he/she suddenly suffers from a deficiency of oxygen.

Researches show that a few physical problems contribute to the occurrence of Sleep Apnea. Experts who treat this disorder ably such as Dr. Jonathan Lauter blames obesity to be the number one reason for this. Dr. Lauter has been treating patients psychiatry mainly because his specialization lies in child and adolescent psychiatry, but he has found that the sleep disorders in individuals cause disturbance in the psyche of an individual.

The disturbance in this above disorder can be corrected to a great extent by the using of a CPAP which is an instrument to regulate the flow of oxygen to the individual, so that he or she do not face loss of oxygen at any time.

So, you see the different types of sleep disorders that are very common and need proper attention to maintain the normal standards of life.