House owners around the globe are currently increasing in number. Today some couple billion people have expressed the will to move to their own houses, plant trees and grow vegetables in the backyard as it’s nearly the only way to live a full and happy life.In what refers to esthetics and health matters, it’s surely a right move. But as one knows, owning a lawn/garden quite often turns burdensome, since a raised attention from a host is required. And if you show little care about the fruits and nuts lying everywhere around the yard you’ll soon start regretting you didn’t stay in your cozy flat in the city center.


Nut picker: forget about nuts stuffing your backyard

Whenever it comes to cleaning a lawn or yard from all the falling acorns, fruits and nuts there’s no better device than a weasel nut gatherer pro to do the job fast and easy. Performed of carbon steel this tool will serve you in a long run and won’t ever require any serious maintenance, except for maybe cleaning. Yet, if you use a product on a fine day even that won’t be needed: a rolling cage made of metal wires is designed to pick only nuts and other objects of nearly the same size. Grass and leaves rarely get inside; the elastic wires can’t simply hold them due to construction specifics. Thus, spending time on separating nuts/apples from leaves will never be an issue; basket will only trap objects that you need – nothing more.


Other benefits of owning a tool

Speaking of the mere benefits of using a tool one can’t omit the fact it saves plenty of efforts during the work. Normally, you’d need to stretch out for every particular object in the grass and pick it from the ground. But with weasel nut gatherer that’s no longer required. You simply do the rolling back and forth motion and all the nuts are gathered by themselves. And there are no such things as muscle strain or pain in the back. Owning to an ergonomic grip the device is easy to operate single-handed. It leaves behind all the signs of fatigue, same as traces of boredom. Lots of customers consider it fun to use regardless of place or nuts/fruits amount. For them it’s just like playing a favorite toy – simply never enough.