To be a law-abiding citizen can sound simple enough in theory. In practice, it can also appear relatively easy. However, much can happen that one does not expect. In moments where one’s actions can be perceived to infringe upon the rights and freedoms of another, or when it is suspected that one has acted against society, those with authority can do their part via the legal process to take away that freedom.  Given that we live in a civilized society governed by the rule of law, where the presumption is that the accused are innocent until proven guilty, the rights that ensure that freedom must be protected. This is where lawyers come into play.

Good Lawyers Defend Your Rights

Although the media portrays lawyers in often inaccurate terms, the reality is that lawyers are duty bound to provide the best legal representation for their clients to make sure that the most favorable outcome is the result. Their whole job is make sure every right is honored and respected. They also make sure that the government and its agents are also playing by the rules during the process of bringing and establishing a case against a client. Ultimately, criminal defense lawyer are the vanguards to one’s freedom when the law is being brought against an individual. In criminal cases, where the penalty is often loss of personal liberty, these lawyers are determined to preserve and defend those rights.

What They Can Do

As their job title states, they are there to defend the rights of their clients. This affords them certain powers and privileges. One important power is that of client/attorney privilege where a lawyer can confidently speak with their client about the full details of the case. No one else can be privy to the details of that conversation. This alone is a very useful tool for defense attorneys because it equips them with a full and honest view of the facts of the case. Thus, a better defense strategy can be formed.