There is a misconception that close protection only entails the security of personalities. However, that’s not the case at all. There is more to close protection than ensuring a protection of a given individual. From events and sites to precious commodities, close protection can be needed in several instances.

Security companies in London, therefore, provide wide-ranging close protection services that can be employed to provide security in any given circumstances. Let’s have a look at some of the instances that demand close protection services. Westminster Security London can render close protection services in the city for all such situations.


London hosts hundreds and thousands of gigs and concerts from the artists all around the world. It is really hard to maintain decorum in such charged up events. Protecting frenzied crowd from trampling each other and guarding the star from the unsolicited ‘love’ of crazy fans, a comprehensive close protection protocol is required. Several trained bodyguards are needed to provide comprehensive close protection services to such events.

Social and political rallies

Social and political rallies are always charged up by the sentiments of participants. Such high-energy gatherings can be infiltrated by the miscreants from the opposite camp to ignite mayhem. Close protection personnel of any good security company in London keeps an eye on every anomaly happening in and around the rally. Moreover, they also play a key role in diffusing the tension stemming from any possible standoff.

Political rallies are also provided the ambit of security through a team of bodyguards trained to provide close protection services. Only seasoned security companies are able to render close protection services for highly-sensitive political and social gatherings.

Private estates

As mentioned in the previous blog, the police can’t ensure the safety of every individual and their belongings all the time. People owning a high-value estate in London, where the property is already an expensive affair, will definitely need private security for their valuable asset.

In such cases, close protection officers along with venue protection officers make it certain that no act of vandalism takes place in the premises.  Bodyguards with concealed weapons on them also deter armed robbers to ransack the estate.

Moving assets

Whether its jewelry or a large stash of money, its security becomes quite vulnerable when it is being transferred from one place to the other. For such instances, the services of close protection officers can come in handy. They ensure that valuables remain unscathed during their movement.