In rear-end collisions, where the cars involved are not majorly damaged, there are still instances where victims suffer serious bodily injuries. The thought of simply bumping into the rear of another car might equate to nothing to many people, but you will be surprised to know that the aftermath of such collisions might actually be devastating.

Some of the long term effects of these injuries might result to disabilities, paralysis, or even death. So if one day you find yourself injured by a rear-end accident, you might want to identify which type of injury you are suffering from in order for you to seek the best available medical attention there is to ensure recovery.


Back Injuries

There are common types of injuries brought upon by rear-end accidents. Considered as most common are the whiplash injuries. This involves injury to the spine and its curvature. The spine cannot be prepared beforehand from the impending impact of the accident, since it does not know when or where it would occur. Usually the drivers or passengers of a car suffer severely from this kind of injury.

Head Injuries

There are also head or brain injuries. Your head can still be injured despite the deployment of the airbag upon impact. This can result in a concussion, loss of consciousness, lacerations, and bruising. Another type is the facial disfigurement, which can require surgery and extensive treatment.

Arm Injuries

Broken wrist, hand, and arm injuries belong in another type. If the force of the collision is far too great an impact to force your hands off the steering wheel to against another part of the car, it can also result in broken bones. Passengers of the car may also suffer the same injury depending on the position of their arms and hands during the incident.


What You Can Do

If you are one of those injured by a rear-end accident, it is also best to take action immediately in order for you to minimize any medical expenses paid straight out of your own pocket. The collision might be caused entirely by another person’s negligence, and in that case, you may legally file a claim against the other party.

In order for you to file a legal claim against the negligence of the other party, you must gather enough evidence to prove to the court the said negligence. Call the police for assistance in incidents or police reports of the accident. The eyewitnesses around may also offer their statements. They might have seen something about the driver that could be a very important factor that could help you win your claim.

You may also take pictures of the scene. Photos from the point of impact of the collision are found to be very important. Bear in mind that the more evidence you have, the better your chances are at getting compensation as well as swift legal action.


If you want to pursue swift legal action on the matter, you might want to tap the assistance and guidance a car crash lawyer can only provide. Deciding which experienced attorney to trust will help you in the long run. Remember that as you take your time on recovering and gaining back your energy and strength, your lawyer will be the one to fight for your case in court.