The medical world has seen a wide range of behavioral therapies being used to treat the children who have autism spectrum disorders- some of which include applied behavior analysis and Pivotal Response training. While either of these practices can even be applied to elder children, teens, and adults with the ASD, but experts have their opinion that intervention of the Cognitive-behavioral Therapy might prove to be highly effective for this particular treatment.

Professor Chris Manente, who has been in the Department of Education for long have found that Autism is not that big an issue as it posed to be. Simple techniques and change in attitude might help the patients come up and fight with the disease strongly. The medical department has made substantial progress in dealing with ASD, and the research process is still in progress. Over the years, the therapies based on the science of behavior have proved to be effective for people of all ages, and hence make a special position in the toolkit of the professionals who deal with the mental health problems of the patients. Human being is one such species who have always kept the researchers surprising. Firstly, human behavior is never just the result of stimulus and response or incidents like reward and punishment. They try to consume everything that is happening around them and make an attempt to give it a meaning, loaded with emotion. It is after all these apprehensions and judgment, that they start behaving.

The method of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy takes into account the thought process that is going on in the human brain, the feeling that turns out to be a result, and the human behavior that follows. Numerous studies have been carried out, and there have been multiple apprehensions of everything that came up as an outcome. Some of the experts in the field have identified that people often get stuck in some recurring patterns of thinking and responding which might not prove to be effective at times, to some extent because they filter everything with the attempt of cause-effect structure, which has high chances of inaccuracy. Hence one of the effective ways of changing the thought process of human beings is to hit the distorted apprehensions that lead to having negative impressions of their own selves. This acknowledges them to bring some changes in how they have been interpreting things earlier, feel about them in a different way, and hence there are changes in their responses as well. It is an extremely powerful intervention and has been proven effective in the treatment of many conditions, irrespective of the degree of the diseases.

It has not been very easy to accept CBT since it requires professionals to perform it, but Chris Manente has always been supportive of its application. He has realized the positive effect that it might have on treating ASD even for the adults and hence works on making it popular in the entire medical industry. Such brave attempts have actually been the forerunner of the medical healthcare industry over the years.