It is the process of constant evolution that has made mankind intelligent over time, and there has been no shortcoming in the process of gaining knowledge. The science and medicine are making improvements that no one can ever imagine. Even the fatal disease like Cancer can be fought nowadays with substantial medical treatment. There’s no stopping to this growth of knowledge, and soon there will be a time when mankind will somewhat make it possible in improving every single sector of life.

Along with all these substantial improvements, man will keep acquiring wealth and the list of richest men in this world will just get longer. There will be new belongings, more and more vacations on the foreign destinations, possession over the most luxurious villa and great cars, and much more. Life will just get better for mankind, says the trend, and when life gets better, people forget about the Church. Until and unless something drastic happens to turn everything upside down, the man generally never remembers of God, and hence visiting the churches even lessens down.

People have got a very weird concept of assessing the value of Church. Be it a personal disaster or an entirely communal whole, any such incidents have got a major shift in the assessment of the churches. The Westside Family Church, who has been working for the entire Lenexa community for decades now have identified that churches have actually got something which the society finds only during the time of hardships or tragedy. So the double standard that the society plays with Church can be easily apprehended, but the Church still prefers to be grounded and answering to all the human needs whenever it wanted.

Studying the role of the church in the community has indeed been a very interesting and quite popular mode of study nowadays for the intellectuals. While doing so, it has been seen that the believers of the 21st century are highly indebted to these modern churches because the Church actually helps in filling up the void which only it can. Just like a broken car needs a mechanic, a patient needs a medical health care center; the Churches help individuals to be spiritually fixed.

The modern day socialists refer Churches as the exclusive club of the Saints, and multi-specialty hospital for the sinners. Studying the trends of the world, over past 15 years, quite a few mega-churches have actually been established spreading across the USA. The entire concept of Churches is changing, and most of these mega-churches are being led by individuals who are either visionaries or even business minded professionals and charismatic leaders of the society. There are some regular talk sessions and Bible readings arranged which actually help men grow perception about the Church- be it positive or negative.

The Westside Family Church Lenexa KS is one such name, visiting which people can have an idea what these mega-churches are and how do they operate. Knowing their significance comes much later, what people actually need to grow is their perception of the Churches in society.