Buying skateboards is not just an easy thing as they sound to be. This is a sensitive task as this is concerned with the safety aspects and comfort of the skaters. Especially the beginners may have various hassles in choosing the right skateboards for their needs. This article is a guide for such people who have various queries in choosing the skateboards.

Deck size

There are many different skateboards in many different sizes. The size will be calculated depending upon the width of deck. The full size decks will be of 7.5 inches and they can be used by the people who are above the age group of thirteen. The mid- size which comes with 7.2 inches will be suitable for the people who are between 9 -12.The micro deck width will be 6.5 inches and they can be used by the kids who are 5 years old. The size of shoes can be taken into consideration for choosing the right deck size for skaters. Choosing the right size is more important for skating with greater comfort.



The skating wheels are supposed to be chosen depending upon skating needs. For example, the skating wheels for street skating will be smaller when compared to the park skating wheels. 49- 52mm measurement will be more suitable for street skating. People whose option is vert skating are supposed to consider the measurement of wheel which is about 54-60 mm. In case if the option of skater is long boards, they are supposed to choose larger wheels as they can provide better balance needed for the skater. Apart from these, the size and weight of the skater can be taken into consideration for choosing the right one which can provide greater grip.


People who are learning skating can move for the cheaper boards available in the market. Since they are not aware of the tricks of handling skateboards, they can avoid investing on costlier boards. This is because in some cases, it may go in vein. Hence the beginners can make use of the cheap but quality boards to have a better start. But this is not the constraint in the case of professionals. They can choose the high quality skateboards by investing some extra pennies. People who are searching for the best skateboards for a best price can prefer to buy them online. In online the best longboards can be shopped at a very affordable price.

Apart from these, any people who are buying skateboards must cultivate the habit of reading the reviews. Since there are different branded skates in the market, reviews will help in knowing about the differences between them. Henceinstead of considering this as waste of time, the buyers can consider it as the lead towards right skateboard in the market. There are also many review sites where they can find the leading skateboards and brands in current market. Through such sites, the timing can also be saved to a greater extent.