The GWC Valves International company needs to have dei, There are different types of associations including local, state, regional, national, international, professional and not-for-profits or nonprofit associations. There are also different types of association meetings and these can be for conventions, board meetings, committee meetings, regional conferences, training meetings and educational seminars. When you are having an association meeting, these are critical for any company’s success, you need to understand members and their needs, advance, notice of dates, locations, topics, program, speakers, and special events, and make sure the registration procedures are efficient and easy. Marketing for association meetings is also important since promotion communication is a huge factor for companies and different types include either direct mail, advertisements and through email.

There are also different types of government meetings for the purpose of employee training, interdepartmental, agency employees and the general public interested in a topic, and the legislative hearings and retreats. These meeting will often require decision makers including managers of agencies, provide funds through departmental budget or locate other sources, and have to be dependent upon political interest in agency’s mission. The attendees include the employees of agency whom are mandatory and the general public who are voluntary.

At these government meetings, the security is very important and they need to coordinate all parties involved, establish a security team, are proactive rather than reactive and they need to stay informed and alert to incidents. The meeting planners are the staff located throughout the agencies, some devote all their time to the planning, some handle meetings as extra duties and many agencies hire independent meeting planning companies. There are also exhibition management companies that own and manage several different shows include trade show that are open for B2B, and expositions that are not open to the public either. They manage shows for associates sponsoring corporation and government clients and they are the ones who develop and produce these shows.