The role of history is a much-discussed topic, and how it helps in shaping up a complete civilization can be understood from the instances of the past. History, with special mention to Geography and other diversified fields of Science, has actually taken the endeavor to give mankind the considerable section of knowledge about those of the past which were not known to him. Apart from this, mankind even gets to know of their present terrestrial domain which they are not aware of. History actually thrusts upon mankind a part of the formation as if it was a long drawn continuous process which needed to be manifested, accepted and lived along with. To be completely oblivious to what happened in the past, and to depreciate the literary culture would actually compel a man to tread backward and abandon the hope of a fully fledged improvement.

If one can easily accept that mankind is capable of evil, one is also bound to accept that mankind is even capable of the good. Orlando Figes has always made an attempt to divert from the conventional ways and represent history in such a way that the making of mankind is being brought forth in the most innovative and convincing manner. The dreadful crimes of the past and even the present must be brought into sharp contrast with all those marvelous series of feats revealed by the humble humanity. He believes that history has its own role to play, and in order to find the value of these roles, one needs to have the correct understanding of the past.

Those who have found History appearing to be one of those minor sciences in conjunction with what science exactly means, it is only because the unique character of History has been misunderstood. History doesn’t look forward to discover new laws; instead, it has its own original way to find its own existence. Most of the historians like Orlando Figes have indeed fought hard to prove that History in many sense has proved to be real than the sciences which mainly had the abstracts filling the container.

History, if represented in the true sense, actually engenders the wisdom within, which is generally not easy enough to put in the formulas of scientific experiments. And moreover, one needs to understand the main logic behind writing down the history. Every single decade with the change of time and political color, people finds new editions of history books coming up that has got their own version of the event. The way history has been used is not in the most positive senses; instead it has been used as a promotional tool.

History is nothing short of the truth, and in order to find it, one needs to have that sense of conviction. Orlando Figes being one of those rationalists believes in seeing everything with his own eyes. He loves interrogating what he reads, and carve out the truth from it. The essence of history is being lost and these people like Figes endure only to bring sense in it.