San Francisco claims to invent everything ranging from fortune cookies to sour dough bread. Undoubtedly, some of iconic culinary history initiates here. San Francisco will not be the same without the listed items.

Classic staples of San Francisco

Dutch Crunch [Roxie Food Centre]

Dutch Crunch bread has soft interior and irresistible crispy exterior. It does not matter, if you choose turkey or opt for loaded Roxie special, delectableness of Dutch Crunch lays down the stage.

Apple fritters [Bob’s Donut and Pastry Shop]

An old-school donut shop, which offers round-the-clock service to hungry people. Bob’s donuts are just great but apple fritter is perfectly soft and crisp, laced with lots of tender apples and cinnamon.

Cioppino [Sotto Mare]

Cioppino is a tomato based rich broth filled with mussels, crabs parts, calamari and more. It is served I metal bowls with loaf of crusty bread. You will need someone to share the cioppino portioned for two.

Cheese cake [Zanze’s]

Unlike, New York styled cheesecake; Zanze’s makes delicate soufflé-like cake. It has a graham cracker crumbs dusting on the top and bottom. Leftovers will taste extremely good, when frozen.

Egg Custard Tarts [Golden Gate]

Dan Tat at Golden Gate is creamy, flaky, and buttery. The best dessert making people stand in line willingly before the Chinese bakery door closes.

Chowder in bread bowl [Boudin Bakery]

Clam chowder is East Coast invention. It is made much better when served in sourdough bread bowl. You cannot deny a warm and hearty soup on chilly days. The Boudin Bakery has been serving this dish, since 1849.

Salted caramel ice-cream [Bi-rite Creamery]

Salter caramel is rich, toasty, and perfectly yummy, especially when eaten with creamery’s other flavors. On hot days, there is a long line stretching down the block.

The Rebel within [Craftsman & Wolves]

The Rebel within captures soft boiled egg inside a sausage studded cake. To add some oomph, it is served with very small Tanasco salt vial.

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