If you are thinking of renovating your floors with wooden flooring, then you have chosen the best. These days there are different types of flooring with different size color and designs. All have their natural beauty which can be used to give your home a modern or traditional look.

You can use hardwood flooring in any room, kitchen, indoor-outdoor, washrooms and basements as well. There are two types of floorings available unfinished and finished flooring. If you want to match your flooring with the color of your walls or any previous flooring then unfinished floorings are best for you. You have to give some coatings on these floorings to make its proper finishing.

On another side, you don’t have to do anything with the prefinished floorings. These flooring already comes from the factory after properly sealed and finishing. So if you use finished flooring then you just need to install them only which takes very less time and they are ready to walk after installation.

The most popular design of floorings these days are European Oak Herringbone flooring.  These floorings are made with single pieces of Herringbone which have a border of the same material. This type of flooring can be used in 1m2 panels with the same material border in plank form.

These floorings are very highly reliable and are heat proof as well. Europen Oak comes in various design, colors, and sizes. It goes through an organic treatment to get a middle-aged patina. It took several years to achieve best texture balance between grey, sandy and white colors in a single tile.

However, if you are you planning to change or install new floorings then you can contact us at THE NEW & RECLAIMED FLOORING. CO and we will suggest you the best flooring for your home.