There are a lot of people who cannot help but wonder if they can get pulled over for no reason? Some people have reported that this is possible. It can be very problematic for you when you do not know what you are being pulled over for. There is one thing that you should remember – the police cannot pull you over without any probable cause.

There are some police who may abuse their rights by trying to pull you over in order to search for drugs or other paraphernalia. There are times when you may be stopped by the cops because of other reasons. For example, you were speeding. This is the only time when cops may stop you and do the search. If you know that you have not done anything wrong, you have the right to question why you are being stopped.

Speeding is also considered to be a minor infraction most of the time. There are moments when you are not even aware that you are speeding. Some cops will give you a break and decide not to give you a ticket. If the cops do give you a ticket, you can hire a traffic ticket attorney immediately.

These are some tips that can probably improve your current situation:

  • Do not pull over in a random place. You need to make sure that the place is safe before you start. If you cannot pull over yet, you can notify the officer with the use of hand signals. Make sure that you are driving under the speed limit. You cannot just drive for a long time. It is best that you find the right place immediately so that the cops will not get upset with you.
  • It is okay to stay right inside your car. You do not have to leave your car even if a cop tells you so for no reason at all. It can look bad to a police officer but if you are just trying to be safe, this is recommended. If you do not want to make the officer tense, you can step out of the car just to let the police know that you are not hiding any weapons. After the whole situation and you feel that you have been wronged, search for a traffic lawyer near me to be sure.
  • You have the right to refuse the breathalyzer. You are allowed to refuse but it will look bad when you do this. If you know that you have not taken anything, the breathalyzer will not be too bad. Do remember that this is not true for all states. There are some states that may suspend your license if you refuse.
  • Stop at checkpoints. If you see checkpoints then you should stop. Different people will stop at checkpoints so there is no reason why you should not stop.

Remember that you need to give your consent before cops can search your car. If they do search and they give you an orange county traffic ticket, you can always tell your lawyer about this.