DTH or the 5a-dihydrotestosterone is naturally transformed from the male hormone testosterone. It is responsible for many psycho-physical characteristics of an individual. These include development of sexual organs and the prostate gland in men, voice quality, body hairs, and muscle development. Therefore, as far as muscle is concerned you must know that testosterone is the primary active androgen. DTH is famously termed as super testosterone as it can do things that testosterone does but in superior way.

The Basic Functions of DTH

  • Boost mood, confidence, and energy.
  • Enhances thyroid functions and aids in fat burning.
  • Improves functions and strength of nervous system.
  • Ensures masculine body structure and facial appreance.
  • Responsible for body hair growth including facial hairs.
  • Promotes alpha male traits.

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DTH is the master hormone that makes a man uniquely manly. Your DTH level can be too low as a result of hyper-feminizing effects of chemical pollutants of modern society. Maintaining manhood is an uphill task for many men in today’s world.

But, you need not to lose heart.  Yes, there are ways of increasing levels of DHT in men and get back to the right track with soaring DTH levels.

Tips to Boost Your DTH Levels

  • Burn out extra body fat to maximize DTH production. There are well documented facts that lean men have higher DHT levels fat men.
  • Go for testosterone replacement therapy for adequate production of it. Your DTH is dependent to your testosterone levels.
  • Sprinting is better than jogging or skipping. Many studies have shown that DTH levels go high after a fast sprinting.
  • Maximize resistance exercises as these workouts improve DTH levels.
  • Have protein in moderate amount. Too much protein is bad for these hormones.
  • Include healthy fat in your diet. Increased amount of dietary fat elevates testosterone and DTH.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals those are testosterone boosters like cruciferous vegetables, pomegranate, oysters, coconut, olive oil, whey protein, garlic etc.
  • Always maintain your required calorie level. Do not starve. Low calorie diet means low testosterone and low DTH level.
  • Stimulate suffocation during some period of workout by wearing a mask. Low oxygen states promote testosterone production and also boost testosterone-DTH transformation in the skin and hair.

Many Supplements can Boost Your DTH

You find it difficult to find the exact kind of food those are natural DTH boosters. Sometimes if you can get access to those friendly staffs they are often costly or supply may not be regular. This is where you should look for supplements. There are many DTH boosting supplement available in the market those are most effective, safe, and popular worldwide. Only thing you have to do is to browse through websites for a genuine product and order online.