Dianabol is one of the most preferred supplements taken by bodybuilders to gain muscle mass or for bulking. The primary requirement of using a steroid like Dianabol is learning about the supplement to get the best results. Contrary to the popular conception that a steroid can be used in a variety of methods to gain the muscles you need.

Using Dianabol

The primary reason for using Dianabol is to effectively enhance the muscle mass. Dianabol rapidly increases the muscles mass in a short period. You can gain nearly 20 pounds in a 6 week cycle. The Dianabol cycle can be varied as per the targeted results and it can be used in combination with other supplements or stacking.


Stacking the Dianabol is effective to gain rapid results. It’s often used to jumpstart a stacked cycle to get the visible result in a matter of weeks. The most common supplements that are used in combination with Dianabol are as follows

  • Testosterone – Testosterone supplements such as Test E is used a base in almost all the cycles.
  • Proviron
  • Andriol and Clenbutrol

Dianabol cycles

Few of the popular Dianabol cycles are as follows

  • A daily dose 30mg Dianabol for 6
  • A daily dose of 25mg Dianabol in combination with 42mg of Trenbolone for five weeks and then a daily dose of 42mg Trenbolone from 6th to 8th week
  • For weeks 1 to 5, a daily dose of 40mg Dianabol along with 500mg Test E. A daily dose of 500mg Test E from 6th to 12th week.
  • For the duration of weeks 1 to 6, a daily dose of 25mg Dianabol combined with 50mg Proviron
  • A daily dose of 400mg Trenbolone and 30mg Dianabol along with a weekly dose of 500mg Test E, for five weeks. a daily dose of 400mg Trenbolone along with a weekly dose of 500mg Test E, from the sixth week till 8th From 9th to 15tg week, a weekly dosage of 500mg Test E.

An important part of a steroid regime is the PCT or post cycle therapy. PCT depends on the cycle chosen by you, but the most common PCT is a daily dose of 20mg Nolvadex for 4 weeks along with a daily dose of 100mg Clomid for first two weeks and a daily dose of 50mg Clomid for the last two weeks. PCT is necessary after a cycle to regularize the natural Testosterone production of the body.

The Dianabol produces effects similar to Testosterone. Due to its rapid results it’s a favorite of bodybuilders and it is used either stand-alone or in combination with other supplements. A high consumption of protein and carbohydrates (to provide calories) is needed along with a rigorous exercise regime to get the desired muscle mass in a short duration of 6 to 8 weeks.