Every business process is unique in its way and different from another, every process has features specific to it and opportunities typical only to it. Launching a new business requires knowledge and experience, and while the second is great, the first is definitely crucial.

Business processes meet various obstacles and issues and there cannot be a single system that solves them all, but the BPM market changes and grows rapidly and BPM solutions develop day by day, so all you need is just to do a good market research, compare various solutions and choose the one that best meets your needs and requirements. We have done a thorough market research and compiled a list of top BPM solutions for you to consider and choose the one you need to transform your business.


Bpm’online is a cloud – based all in one business process management that has received so many awards recently and has been praised by so many experts that it seems there are no more words to tell. This BPM vendor offers wonderful BPM solutions.But as this solution develops rapidly and new features are added, there is always something new to tell and something unique to discuss. Visit this website to learn more.This solution is famous for its amazing tools designed specifically to boost your sales, marketing and to make your service the most efficient and excellent one. Bpm’online cares for every business process, business workflow automation, business optimization, customer service, sales growth and perfect marketing campaigns, in a word; it allows taking every step that leads to success. Its exclusive and easy – to – use features and tools give opportunity to control every process, automate internal processes, effectively manage every process, and always be in the center of events and keep up to date with new trends and techniques. With Bpm’online every single process is automated, every single work is optimized and every decision is made quickly and the overall business process is transformed into a more effective one.


TIBCO BPM is another popular business process management platform. The system is famous for its security, flexibility, easy – to – use interface, excellent service and management system. This solution takes your business into a completely new level, a digital one, and transforms it to meet the trends and innovations and grow rapidly. What concerns its pricing, it is on quote-basis, which makes it less scalable. The system has many advantages, benefits and unique features; among them are real-time data analytics, process automation and management tools, intelligent work, resource management, campaign metrics and much more.

This system is one of the best options if you want to plan your company’s best strategies or tactics more effectively and quickly.

ActiveMatrix BPM is just an irreplaceable tool to present the right data to the right person at the right time. The features and tools are designed to make decisions faster and perform actions more quickly and productively. The opportunities and solutions provided by this system help to fully transform your business and not just automate this or that process.



Nintexis among the top BPM solutionsused for both small and large enterprises. Its pricing is also on a quote-basis, which can be considered one of the disadvantages. The solution connects your team members and departments and makes the collaboration easy.

The software gives opportunity to manage every business process, to control work automation, to provide excellent service, to achieve team collaboration and so on. Other important advantages are document management, IT service management, point-and-click features, and workflow reduction, integration with other apps and services, as well as social media.