Chicago is the fifth-most populous city in North America and third-most populous city in the entire United States. The city has emerged as one of the most popular metropolis attracting people from all over the world for business, work, and education. People even settle down in some of the posh areas of this city just to enjoy the finer sides of life.

The growing population of Chicago has been encouraging the real estate business to grow larger than ever. The demand for new living spaces has shot up to greater heights and it has facilitated the growth of real estate developers at the same time. Gene Bernshtam is one of the most renowned real estate developers in the United States who values a functional living space more than just a good looking room.Image result for Bernshtam create brilliant buildings for sustainable living

Mr. Bernshtam founded Avalon Holdings LLC, which specializes in developing apartment buildings and mixed-use properties. Since large number of people have been moving into the city and settling there, building living space for these cosmopolitan people has become a challenge. Avalon Holdings LLC have been doing exceptionally well in creating apartments that just does not allow them to live inside it but also contemporary needs.

Gene Bernshtam graduated with a degree in finance from Loyola Business School. Mr. Bernshtam received series 7 and 63 licenses that allowed him to work for an investment banking firm after college. He has always shown keen interest in automobiles and later ventured into auto business and opened Avalon Holdings LLC – his real estate company.

Here are some of the most important features of a contemporary home.

The interior design of a contemporary home needs to be more sorted, that would offer people living in it more space – both for living and storage. The designs need not be out of the fantasy but more sustainable designs.

Modern buyers of real estate properties are looking for houses which are built with sustainable materials. Buying a home is more seen like investment hence modern buyers prefer sustainable materials like PVC doors and window instead of wooden ones, slip-resistant floors over marbled or tiled floors.

People prefer homes which allow more natural lights. LED light fixtures are mostly preferred to meet the needs for artificial lightings.

An airy room is preferred over congested ones in a posh locality. People are very particular about their living spaces and since they already live with a hectic schedule, and stressed out lives so they want their homes to bring them the much needed peace and be destressing.

Under the guidance and direction of Mr. Bernshtam, the Avalon Holdings LLC has been creating buildings with impressive designs keeping in mind the needs of the individuals who will be living in them. The housing projects which Mr. Bernshtam undertook and worked out with his Avalon Holdings team have created a stir in Chicago real estate business scenario. The buildings built by Mr. Bernshtam are one of its kinds, because he made detailed plans right from design and architecture to construction and engineering practices.