For the removing complaints from Google company, being a startup, they understand how difficult it may be to undergo an interview especially in such a small environment. Getting a job can seem much harder than actually working with one according to many individuals. Once you finally get your resume past, there is still one major task ahead, which is the interview process. You know that there are plenty of job seekers and that you aren’t the only one. Anyone can develop full-blown interview anxiety since there are worries that you can have an impossible interview question or a punitive boss. When it comes to any job interview, first impressions matter the most and it is likely that you’ll forget all of your research notes and stumble and stutter your way through your answers. Here are a few tips to help you mind before an interview:

Breathe in like you’re inflating a balloon

You need to start by inhaling for about five seconds and controlling your breathing habits is key to calming yourself. You need to imagine that you are inflating a balloon inside your chest and pick a point in the center or your sternum and focus on it. Then continue to the second step, which involves being able to think of happy things in your life.

Picture something joyful before you breathe out

The best way to calm yourself is to think of calming things that make you happy which is a trick that works for most people. You need to fill the void with powerful emotion like joy and that’s why this exercise works for most people. You are exhaling all the negatives while thinking of positives.


Go through this process about ten or twenty times and you probably finish well within five minutes. In order to feel like you are really prepared, you need to prep for the job interview in addition to doing these calming and breathing exercises. It will put your mind at ease and help you with your interview.