Pickle ball is a fun filled game which everyone loves to play. Any healthy and physically fit person can play this game with ease. This game is created accidently when a family thought of playing racquet and ball based game in their backyard badminton court. But actually they ended up playing this new game which we now called as pickle ball. This pickle ball game is played with the help of paddles instead of racquets, big ping pong ball, and net similar to tennis. Net has always been used in many different types of racquet based game. So it is also included in pickle ball.Image result for Different types of Pickleball paddles

Net plays an important role whether it’s a tennis game, badminton game, table tennis game, volley ball etc. Net is also a important accessories which you must have while playing pickle ball with your friends or family. The net act as a divider while playing game and it equally divides the court into two small courts. The net is also introduced in this game because it acts as an obstacle which makes the game more challenging for the players. The specific height and length of the net is also fixed with respect to the game. The height is kept same as that of tennis whereas length has been reduced according to badminton court. You can visit www.wolfesports.com to know more about the net as well as many other accessories and rules of the game. There are two types of net used in pickle ball. One of them is fixed net which is tied to the fixed poles of the courts. The other one is portable net which comes with a portable pole. These net can be used anywhere, you can use these nets in your back yard, front yard, parking, driveways to play pickle ball at any place.