Protein is currently the center of all attraction in processed foods, and joining the terms like organic and low fat actually, plays the trick in selling it out to the fitness freaks and health conscious customers. While carbohydrates and many of the fats are still kept for second thoughts, protein is being added with full confidence through the entire grocery store and especially in the aisle which is stuffed with snacks bars. Even though protein takes up the entire credit, it is somewhat due to many other ingredients as well.

Now, why do the fitness freaks keep stressing on the intake of too much protein? Research works have shown that it actually helps in making one feel filled and prevent from overeating which is quintessential to avoid weight gain. But according to Peter Gaum Santa Barbara, knowing only this about the protein bars is not enough. Rigorous studies are needed to assess the long-term usefulness of the protein bars in fighting the obesity.

What Kind of Protein Is It Founded in the Protein Bars?

Whey, which is nothing but the fluid produced and even discarded in the making of cheese is the major source of protein that is being added in these snacks bars. But with the increase in demand, has actually left the prices of whey protein soaring to a new level, and automatically the manufacturers had to look for alternative resources which proved to be cheaper that whey- that’s the soy concentrate and other derivatives from soybean.

It is quite unfortunate that processed soy and whey tastes awful, and in order to keep the taste intact, a good amount of low-calorie sweeteners need to be added including the sugar alcohols and high fructose corn syrup. Excessive intake of any of these can lead to stomach upset, and hence the quantity must be kept in check while manufacturing.

The Calorie Content in Protein Bars

While the protein bars were mainly marketed for the young athletes who had to keep the calorie consumption in check, the entire scenario has changed standing in the 21st century. Nowadays, the protein bars have got popular also among the mainstream shoppers including the regular dieters and even elderly people. Those who are on a regular diet chart, have to have ample protein in their diets but also need to keep in mind about the amount of food consumed.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, no one actually needs any supplemental protein. Even though the athletes require some extra amount of protein, even they can achieve it from the regular full course meals. But still, taking the suggestion of Peter Gaum Santa Barbara protein bars can actually help to recover and gain the extra muscle mass after a vigorous work out in the true sense. These snacks bars are undoubtedly the convenient source of protein and with the rich nutritious ingredients, they prove to be a great onus for the health freaks of the town. Big manufacturing companies have already harnessed on this particular product, and the horizon looks clear for the market to grow strong.