Project managers get face to face with this situation on a daily basis: They have a new, upcoming project with new problems and challenges that sometimes never have been dealt with before. Typical considerations like time, cost efficiency, priorities, background, and skills needed for the brand new project arise. Sometimes it is also that they need an extra engineer at their company and they don’t need to hire long-term, or don’t know yet if they will.

For these kinds of situations, outsourcing is often the adequate decision, and with Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing engineers, there are a wide variety of things you should consider before hiring a new one. Here we present you 5 things you should know about outsourcing MEP engineers before you start hiring one for your project.

You should seek for specific skill sets

Every new project is different, and the wide variety of situations engineers face on a daily basis can be on their favor. An MEP consultant that is worth your time and money deserve to be hired by you if he or she can prove that they have the specific skills that you need for that project. For example, you are building an energy efficient structure, and you also want to use solar energy. You would need a person that has worked in projects related to environmentally friendly buildings if you want to benefit from the technologies that involve them.

You should hire the one with the background most related to your current project

The background is just as important as skills and if you particularly need an experienced MEP engineer consultant (because you are sure your project will have many problems to progress further ahead). You should expect not only that their background impresses you, but also that it does match with the things you want to happen on your project.

Don’t be afraid to micromanage

Sometimes, you will need to hire more than one MEP engineer. That is fine. The important thing is that your project ends up being successful and rewarding. For this, micromanaging some parts of your project will be crucial. Sometimes, a team of three or more well integrated best MEP engineer consultants is the best option to go. You will be able to distribute the workload better, and you can have a more sophisticated response on the more fragile or time-sensitive parts of your project.

MEP engineering experts are experts, but consider their background before demanding  from them

Sometimes project managers can go too far and lose perspective on their demanding. It’s Okay, we are all humans, and we can make mistakes.  Sometimes we expect more than what is realistically possible from a professional. This can happen a lot and to avoid it is the important thing. The general rule often lays on an old idiom “Don’t chew more than you can swallow.”  Likewise, we should not expect more or radically different output from a professional that has a certain background. Be aware of it at every moment during your project so you can know what to expect from them. If new and different problems arise and you know you can always hire an additional MEP engineer for a consultancy to help them sort the problem out.

Maintaining a thigh and stable MEP team benefits  your project’s health

Human resources are a very sensitive part of any project and MEP engineering consultancy it’s not an exception. If a team changes over time their discrepancies in the project may appear over time. The work MEP engineers do very sensitive in the sense that the Electrical Electricity and Plumbing part of any structure is like its skeleton, its foundation.

Whichever mistakes were done in the past will have their repercussions in the future of the project, and sometimes the person who committed them is the best suited to solve them. Firing someone because of a mistake is not always a good decision when a project has already progressed, sometimes, if necessary, is even better to hire an additional consultant (if the issue is big enough). Otherwise, we risk the stability of the project and can cause further disruptions.