Physics is the natural science which mainly deals with the studies of matter, laws of motions, time, light, about the space, universe and much more. Compared to other streams of science, physics has huge career options. In spite of thorough preparations, most of the students fail to score well as they are unable to understand the concepts properly.

As physics is a compulsory and important subject for the competitive exams perspectives, therefore it is necessary for students to understand the basic concepts, improvise the analytical and logical thinking to perform well in their exams.

This is a quite tricky subject, but with regular practice, students can excel in their class 12 board exam.

Here are a few important tips, and strategies for students to prepare for CBSE class 12 physics exam.

  • Prepare a schedule

Time management is a must in all exam preparations. So first and the foremost thing to do before starting preparation is to prepare a schedule, including the complete list of chapters along with the duration of time required per topic. Always remember to start preparing for the topics which are having more weightage in exams such as current electricity, refraction of light, electrostatics, etc.

  • Study effectively

It is good to start the preparations early in the morning with a fresh mood. Make sure to organize all the required study materials and never forget to refer to the class notes, as it includes all the important points discussed by your lecturer. Underline or highlight all the important terms which you come across as it will be useful for your last minute revisions.

  • Revisions

Revision plays an important role during exam preparations. As by revising, students will know about their performance level and about their weak areas. Hence, have a complete revision of class notes, formulas, definition, derivations, S.I units for all physical entities, important laws and other ray diagrams from topics like mirror, the law of reflection, etc.

  • Practicing more study materials

As per the saying goes “Practice Make a Man Perfect”. Practicing more sample papers and other specimen papers will make students aware of the exact question paper pattern, the time allotted for each question, important topics, and also improve their speed of attempting the questions. Along with this, students should also remember to practice all the derivatives perfectly from the topics including optics, magnetism, and electrostatics as these are the important units for major questions. Never ever memorize these derivations blindly, understand and practice more by writing than reading as physics is a subject that demands a lot of memorization.

  • Test yourself

Make sure to complete all your preparations and revisions a week before the exams. During the last 7 days of preparations, solve or have a self-test for each topic and solve several number of previous year question papers. This test will evaluate the performance level and your weak areas of preparations which need more practice.

These were few important tips and strategies for those students preparing for CBSE class 12 board exam.  The best way of preparing for the exam is by solving the questions in the NCERT books, practicing sample papers, specimen papers and other important points given in the textbooks. Hope these strategies will be quite useful.

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