You are familiar with the non prescription drugs but there are also prescription drugs that require official suggestion from a doctor. The pharmacist asked you to show the prescription and you followed his words. But have you wondered why there is a need to show the prescription even in the online pharmacy shop?

When is Prescription Required?

The prescription is required in various cases and one includes when you have symptoms that require to be diagnosed by the doctor. As the doctor checks thoroughly your condition, the prescribed medicine is suggested to avert any massive health risk. It is always dangerous to self-medicate and medical supervision is significant.

If an online pharmacist does not need a prescription for selling the drug, you should take cautionary steps against the fraud. Canadian online pharmacy always requests a prescription to the consumers for aiding in the quick recovery of the patients.

Which Drugs Need Authorization?

The prior authorisation is for reviewing specific medications and indicates their necessity for the patient’s health condition. Following are the scenarios where prior authorisation is needed,

  • Medicines linked to substance abuse
  • Dangerous effects on human health
  • Prescribing expensive medicines even if the low cost medicines could work
  • Interacts adversely when coming in contact with other drugs
  • Medications utilized for one health condition

If the drug needs to get an approval, the online pharmacy informs the doctor about your situation. The doctor may prescribe you a drug which does not need prior authorisation. However, if the drug has a wide range of benefits for your health, you should consult with the medical professional for receiving pre-approval.

 No Need for Showing Prescription

Often the medical board directs that prescription is not required for certain medicines but a pharmacy supervision is needed in this case. You can only get the medicine for a pharmacy and gather additional information about it before using.