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Checkout this amazing new commercial that Ace2three has come up with. It is hilarious and conveys the message in a simple yet brilliant way.

The TVC ad portrays the personality of a rummy player hilariously by showing a football match where the referee is highly interested in rummy even while judging the match. As soon as there is a free kick and players line up to build a wall, the referee starts arranging the players in the sequence of their jersey numbers to create rummy sets which the other players find amusing. Finally, the players turn into cards and the message of Play, Win and Earn is displayed. This is one of the most remarkable ways of connecting people who loves to play 13 card rummy.

Why Ace2Three.com is loved by Rummy Players in India?

If you are looking to play rummy games online, Ace2Three is undoubtedly the best platform out there. A lot of factors contribute into making it one of the most enjoyable websites to play rummy with hordes of other interesting players throughout the country. Let’s see them below:

  • 24×7 Availability

You can avail the services of Ace2Three anytime as it is available 24×7 online. You can enjoy playing different rummy game variations at any hour of the day with thousands of players who are available online.

  • Play For Real Money

At Ace2Three.com, you are given a choice to play with real chips or with the free chips. Before you join the rummy table, you need to decide your playing mode. Moreover, you can take part in rummy tournaments and win real cash prizes or other exciting rewards and bonuses.

  • Safe, Secure & Legal

A lot of similar rummy playing sites are just bogus and frauds trying to seek money from you through illegal means. However, Ace2Three is 100% safe, secure and completely legal. All the rules and policies are crystal clear and you can go through them before you start playing. There are no hidden fees involved and it is by all means a legal way to play card games online.

  • Rummy can be played from anywhere

Unlike the traditional ways of playing cards, you can now play 13 card rummy games anytime you like and from anywhere you currently are. You just need your exceptional skills and a stable internet connection to start playing rummy. You can also play it on your Android or iOS phone while on the move.

  • Claim Large Bonuses

Imagine playing your favorite game and earning rewards for it? With Ace2Three, you can simply upgrade from regular to premium membership to start earning lots of rewards in the form of redeemable bonus points. Just keep playing to win more rewards and use them on things you want.

The Final Words –

Ace2Three is the first platform that has enabled all of us to start playing rummy online and win rewards in return for it. More than 8 million players are already enjoying the benefits of playing on the platform and if you want to start playing rummy online, there can’t be a better time than now. Every new gamer at Ace2Three gets a 100% welcome bonus package upto Rs. 1700 and also a small token of Rs. 25 when you download mobile rummy App, just to get you started. If you want to earn more rewards apart from playing rummy, you can simply refer your friends to join and get extra chips in return.

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