The best thing about being a fan of The Milwaukee Brewers is that you get to know their amazing mascots that are as popular as the players of the team- they are Bernie Brewer and the Racing Sausages. The former continues to entertain his fans both young and old. Both have interesting tales and are an integral part of the history of The Milwaukee Brewers!

The mascots and their colorful history…

Sandy Petrocelli is an ardent fan of the Milwaukee Brewers and he says that when it comes to the rich history of the team, you cannot afford to miss their spectacular mascots. He adds that when the Milwaukee Brewers were playing their games in the beginning of their career, they failed to attract crowds to their home games. It was here that a 69-year old loyal fan called Milt Mason decided to do something unique for his favorite team. He hoisted himself up to the scoreboard of the home team and vowed to sit there till the crowd number reached 40,000. He was successful as after 40 days the crowd exceeded the targeted number and when they won, he enthusiastically slid down the rope. However, he did sustain burns to his arms and legs but this gesture did not perturb him. He was a regular fixture of all the home games of The Milwaukee Brewers till his death in 1973. As an honor to their most loyal fan, The Milwaukee Brewers decided to model their mascot Bernie Brewer after him!

The advent of the racing sausages

The Milwaukee Brewers did not stop to entertain fans both young and old with just Bernie Brewers who appeared at home games and slid down into a beer plate. They went a step further to make their fans happy with the racing sausage mascots at their games. These sausages were originally animated cartoons that raced down scoreboards.  However, the crowds were in for a lovely surprise when at a game right after racing down the scoreboard, these adorable sausages ran out live much to the cheers of the happy fans. The success of these mascots exceeded the expectations of the team and today you will find T-shirts, pins and dolls that are modeled after these sausages. During the season play of 2000, the virtual race was eradicated and every match had these live sausages racing one another.

The popularity of the Sausage Race for The Milwaukee Brewers  


Gradually the Sausage Race became a part of the Milwaukee Brewers games and they raced each other on selected Sundays. The Sausage Race in the beginning started with just three famous sausages- today there are five sausages that race against one another.

The Milwaukee Brewers says Sandy Petrocelli is one of the best teams in the NBA league today and it not only entertains fans with its performance but also with its lovable mascots. Both young and old fans can relate to these mascots and no game by the team is complete unless they emerge and entertain fans happily!