Family law is a legal practice that revolves around the legal issues pertaining to family relationships. This legal system encompasses issues like divorce, adoption, child custody, etc.  The top lawyers with family issues handle divorce cases, child support cases, adoption cases, child custody cases, and other cases pertaining to family relationships.

Many top lawyers with family issues specialize in one area of family law. There are lawyers who specialize in paternity, adoption, emancipation, etc.

Area of practice of top lawyers with family issues

Majority of the leading lawyers pursuing family law handle divorce cases and the other matters that are relevant to divorce. But, family law is not confined to divorce. There are many other areas of practice that fall under the broad category of family law. For instance, reproductive rights and foster cases also fall under the category of family law.

Here are the areas of practice for top lawyers with family issues:

  • Divorce

In the cases where the couple seeks divorce, each of the two hires a family solicitor. The lawyer helps the couples in the divorce proceedings. They generally try to settle the case to avoid trials.

Their work involves division of marital property, planning for child custody and visitation, planning child support as well as spousal support.

  • Adoption or Foster Care

Top lawyers with family issues are also well-versed at the cases involving adoption or foster care. Generally, the adoption cases are touted as the twisted ones. A lot of factors influence the case like variances in the state laws, place where the child hails from, and others. The family lawyers offer the correct guidance and support in such cases.

  • Child Custody and Child Support

In many divorce cases, child custody and support plays a vital role. Top lawyers with family issues help the couples to deal with this issue.

  • Paternity

Paternity cases are generally filed by the mothers of the children to ensure child support payments by the absent fathers. Top lawyers with family issues handle such cases to ensure support payments for the clients.

Sometimes, biological fathers also file paternity cases to secure their relationship with the children. Family lawyers make sure that their client gets justice.

  • Property and Financial Settlements

Top lawyers with family issues also deal with the most common issues that crop up at the time of separation, i.e. property and financial issues. They assist the processes of property division, division of financial resource, and superannuation.

  • Prenupital and Other Financial Agreements

Family solicitors also look into the cases related to prenuptial and other financial agreements. A financial agreement irons out all the financial issues that could crop up if the couples opt for a separation in future.

  • Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution

Top lawyers with family issues also offer dispute resolution services. Most of the family solicitors stress over mediation and family dispute resolution to spare the families from court trials and the stress associated with it.

There are many other areas where the family lawyers have exerted their grip.